Jordan’s INKAREDIBLE 21 Day Sunrise Challenge

Jordan undertook a monumental challenge for Inka raising over £600!

The Challenge

Myzone is a heart rate monitor that awards you points (MEP’s) depending on the effort you put into your training. Jordan is aiming to achieve 10,000 MEP’s in 21 days.

Jordan has committed to getting up every day from 8th – 28th June before sunrise to train while the sun rises. He will have to train extremely hard for between 3 – 4 hours every day to be able to meet his target.

This is a MASSIVE effort! Please see Inka’s facebook page ThisINKArediblekid for daily updates on Jordans progress.

To sponsor Jordan and donate to Inkas fund please follow this link to Jordans justgiving page –


Jordan completed his challenge at midday on 28th June.

Shared from Inkas Instagram: About a month ago a local football coach who we had never before heard about Inkas appeal through a friend and decided that he wanted to do something to help. This amazing guy got in contact and first of all offered to get Inkas leaflets printed for us and then said he also wanted to do a challenge in aid of Inka to try and raise some additional sponsorship – well I had no idea just what a monumental challenge he had in mind! Over the last 21 days he was exercised at sunrise, for over 84 hours, burning over 55000 calories and he’s lost 15lbs – he finished today with 36km bike ride, 10km run, a second 10km run including hill sprints followed by over an hour of stair climbs all before midday! INSANE!!! He’s raised over £600 for Inka and had us all in tears with his heart felt video. Saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but Jordan THANK YOU, we are so grateful! You have a superhero friend for life❤️

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