The INKAREDIBLE 500 Mile Walk

17 July – 18 September

Walking is something many of us take for granted. It’s a milestone we get excited about when our kids reach around 12 months, but after those first few steps we think little about how truly wonderful it is to be able to walk.

But being told your daughter is unlikely to ever walk brings into focus just how amazing it is to have the freedom of walking with ease.

Why not use this amazing ability, to help us raise the funds Inka needs just to give her a fraction of this freedom. Inka will most likely never walk with ease, but we hope Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery and follow up therapy will enable her to at least take independent steps and walk short distances, thereby affording her a more independent life.

Shortly after Inka turned two she received her first fully supported walking frame. She struggled hugely to weight-bare on her feet and taking steps was a huge challenge. We dedicated hours trying to help and encourage her, but to no avail. One day we played the song ‘’ I’m gonna be (500 miles)’’ by The Proclaimers, Inka jumped up in the walking frame and took her first few supported steps! Since that moment she has loved this song and it is our ‘go to’ song to motivate her practicing taking steps.

To keep people safe in the current climate it is not possible to organise a fundraising event which involves a large gathering of people. However it is possible to get out walking. In fact many people have become reliant on their daily walks for their wellbeing. So we thought, let us see if people will walk to support Inka! Why not dress up in a super hero cape and mask, walk as far as you are able and wherever you choose to raise sponsorship to help us reach a combined total of 500 miles.

Inka was born on 17th  July 2017 (9 weeks before her due date) so on her 3rd birthday (17th July 2020) we will be launching this fundraising campaign to reach a combined total of 500 miles in 9 weeks by her due date on 18th  September.

It’s very simple to join in with the INKAREDIBLE 500 mile walk, simply follow the steps below and help make something you take for granted every day become a reality for Inka.

Step 1: Buy your INKAREDIBLE superhero pack for £5.00 through the store. This includes your super hero cape and mask.

Step 2: Set a target distance and raise sponsorship for your part of the 500 mile walk.* Any distance no matter how big or small. It can be spread over a number of days, weeks or just one walk.

*This is an INCLUSIVE fundraising event. You can walk, run, roll, wheel, be pushed or carried. Your walk could be 10 meters or 10 miles, whatever distance you feel you can achieve. Just raising an average of £5 for each mile walked would be a great boost to Inka’s fund if we reached the total 500 mile goal.

Your sponsors can make a single £5 donation by texting INKAREDIBLEKID to 70085 or donate any amount by visiting her just4children page.

Step 3: Dress in your superhero cape and mask and get walking for Inka! If you are walking with other members of your household you could have fun creating your own superhero outfits.

Please take photos and videos and share on Inka’s social media pages if you can.

Step 4: Email with details of the distance walked and sponsorship raised. Please try and update us regularly so we can keep track of the total miles walked.

Step 5: Please share with family and friends and see if you can recruit others to join the walk!

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